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Tips ||Quilt-N-A-Flash® HSTSystem™ Stencils for Rapid-Fire Half-Square Triangles

How to Hand-stitch Even Rows of the Blanket Stitch

1) Machine baste 1/4” inch from the fabric edge using thread that clearly contrasts with the fabric color
2) Use the basting stitch as a guide and start stitching
3) Once you’re done, remove the basting stitch

Joining Overlapping Quilt Binding Ends - Watch Video

This tutorial is a must-have for every quilter. The tips and techniques included are priceless in more ways than one. You don’t need to purchase a special ruler and it’sFREE!Yes, some things really are free. Please allow me to show my graditude to all of my followers and clients.

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Have a lovely quilting day,
Cheryl A. Matzen

Slip Proofing Templates, Rulers and Stencils

Karen A., from Central Texas says,

"I had to pass along one of the best tips I ever received on making stencils or rotary rulers slip proof. Visit your local first aid shelves at the grocery store. Buy a roll of 3M NexCare Waterproof First Aid tape. Cut small (3/8” – 1/2”) squares of tape, and affix a few to your favorite rotary cutting ruler (or stencil!). These little bits of flesh colored tape provide just the right amount of “grip” to any surface. Even better, they come off cleanly, without any damage or residue on ruler! A roll will last you years! I replace about once a year, as the edges do get “fuzzy”… I also use this tape, cut to a finger tip size, and use on my needle holding finger for hand stitching, to reduce stress on my finger joints and allow a firm grip on the tiniest of hand needles as well!"

"Hope you get a chance to try this out – you’ll be amazed!"


Thank you for sharing Karen. I tried your tip and I do LOVE it! Cheryl A. Matzen